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Bringing you our favorites from the Gritty City, we are the only place in Kitsap county to get your NOLA fix!

Cafe Jacamoe in Poulsbo

We hope to see you soon!

Our last day in the current location is 12-26-15

The concept of Cafe Jacamoe was to not only provide our favored cuisine, but also to featuring jazz and blues, and support our local and traveling artists.  We met some amazing players in our short time, and cannot wait to offer them a new home to bring their craft to you.  Stay tuned!


There are no more shows booked at Cafe Jacamoe...

at least until we find a new home.

The Cafe was located in one of the older buildings in downtown Poulsbo.  A flood in October created alot of havoc, which is when we chose to rebuild and open Cafe Jacamoe.  

We have recently learned that the flood did more damage than originally understood.  In light of this, we are looking for a new home, so we can continue to bring the awesome dishes from the "Gritty City" to you.


Please stay tuned.....Thank you!